Speech-Language Therapy

The Multilingual Therapy Associate employs therapists who take a step-by-step approach to speech therapy and provide hands-on assessments and treatment for children and specialized services with a range of communication difficulties.
Working with graduate practitioners and professional clinicians from the Multilingual Therapy Associates, you will receive assessments, as well as either one-on-one or group therapy sessions—or both—tailored to your individual speech and language needs. With clearly stated and mapped-out objectives, your practitioner will work with you to progress continually and help you reach your goals.

Family members are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions as part of the client intervention treatment and will have opportunities to observe the treatment with the clinicians. Improving communication skills does not happen only in a therapy room, and families providing support to their loved ones need to be educated along with the client.

Our  therapists have received their NY State Bilingual Extension or are in-process for the award of this certification. We have speech-language pathologists and speech therapists who can provide services in Spanish, French, Haitian, and various dialects of Chinese.

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